Visiting Lecturers

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Prof. Gad Allon (Wharton University) Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences; Operations


Dr. Shirli Kopelman (Ross School of Business, University of Michigan) Negotiation Strategy & Influence Skills


Prof. Joshua Katzen (Brandeis University) – Real Estate Development


Prof. Ted London (University of Michigan) – Business Models for the Base of the Pyramid


Prof. Shlomo Tarba (University of Birmingham, The United Kingdom) 


Prof. Theo Panayotou (Cyprus International Institute of Management) - Ethics


Prof. Danny Warshay (Brown University) - Entrepreneurship and New Ventures


Prof. Alan Malter (University of Chicago) - Marketing Strategy


Prof. Jeroen Swinkels  (Kellogg, Northwestern University) - Strategic Management Foundations


Prof. Lakshman Krishnamurthi: (Kellogg, Northwestern University) - Marketing Management


Prof. Ashwin Joshi (Schulich, York University) Marketing Strategy


Prof. Brian Uzzi (Kellogg, Northwestern University) Leadership and Organizations


Prof. Larry Franklin ( HKUST, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology) Managers and the Legal Environment  


Prof. Artur Raviv (Kellogg, Northwestern University) Strategic Financial Management


Prof. Sunile Chopra(Kellogg, Northwestern University) - Operations Management


Prof. James Conley (Kellogg, Northwestern University) Intellectual Capital Management


Prof. Ithai Stern (Kellogg, Northwestern University) Leading the strategic change process


Prof. Pasquali – (Schulich, York University) Financial Information for Management Planning & Control


Mr. Gerson S. Panitch


Dr. Ehud Peleg  (UCLA)


Prof. Uri Gneezy (Rady, California University)


Dr. Sean Wise (Ryerson University)


Prof. Oded Shenkar (The Ohio State University)

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